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Want to save time Bible journaling with traceables hand-drawn for you?

Vintage Traceables Collection Preview

Get 36 traceable designs for Bible journaling. Just print and trace!

36 vintage styled man-made objects, hand-drawn by Rebekah R Jones.

Most traceables come in both full page and margin sizing. Zoom print for even more sizes!

Each traceable comes with Biblical meanings and up to 13 scriptures to prompt creativity.

Trace a vintage basket, boat, clock, guitar, keys, lamp, shoes, and more! 

$36  $27


(That’s $0.75 per traceable, each with scripture prompts!)

Start Tracing Today,  All Sales Final.


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I love Rebekah and her heart! She creates beautiful art, share’s deep truths of God’s Word, and is a real teacher… I can’t thank you enough for your creative wisdom.”

Answers To Common Questions

Refund Policy

Understandably, once the Vintage Traceables Collection PDF has been sent to you via email, all sales are final. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Individual License Terms

These traceables are sold on an individual license, meaning anything received or given access to, is for paying customers only. (You may share with your own young children still living at home with you.)

I do not offer group licensing. If you wish to enjoy the traceables with your friends, each of you may purchase individually and then you may share the experience together with those who are also paying customers.

These traceables are the product of 35+ years of creative and teaching experience. Nothing in the traceables collection may be reviewed, consumed or altered with the intent of teaching others with what is learned or observed. Everything in the collection is for the sole purpose of supporting the spiritual and creative growth of individual customers.

Sharing with others and/or copying or adjusting any material for others, is not allowed, against copyright law and a breach of customer terms.

Anyone found to breach this would sadly be banned from purchasing in the future.

Your honesty and value for the hard work to create and support all that goes into this collection and art ministry by not sharing inappropriately, is appreciated and expected. It also is a sign of respect to fellow customers who have each paid.

When & How To Access The Traceables

Upon completing your order transaction, you will receive your Vintage Traceables Collection via email within minutes!

You’ll get a link in your email, allowing you to download and save the PDF file to your device. Save your email and download it as soon as you can, for safe keeping of your purchase.

You can print any or all pages directly from your computer, or other device. Alternatively, increase the brightness on a tablet and use it as a lightbox!

You’ll also receive a link to watch a tutorial on ways to trace easily.

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Payments are securely processed by Stripe while ThriveCart host your order information such as name, email, product, amount, etc..

If you have any further questions, you can email [email protected]

Skills & Supplies Needed

I’ll provide you with the Vintage Traceables Collection PDF and a video tutorial for various ways to trace.

The tutorial will give you ideas for what supplies you might want for tracing and most can be found laying around your house!

If you need help accessing the download, you can reference my Help Doc and feel free to contact my team and I.

Please note that this art minstry is not a technical support center, so if our comprehensive support is not working for your individual case, we may advise that you reach out to a local friend or family member, to help troubleshoot.

Hey, I’m Rebekah R Jones!

For over 6 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of Christian women grow their personal relationship with Jesus using Bible journaling as a spiritual tool. My work has been published in books and online in courses, blogs, YouTube and more.

I’m obsessed with art supplies, color, photographing doors, eating dill pickles, watercoloring at the beach and most of all, encountering Jesus. I grew up creating all kinds of arts and crafts, went to Bible college, leadership school and ministry school. I’ve been teaching publicly for over 20 years.

I was born into a wonderful Christian family and I am passionate about helping you grow in God with Bible journaling. Jesus has always been my best friend and I am the 5th generation in ministry in my family.

I’ve learned a lot creatively and spiritually over the years. I want to help you get meaningful and lasting spiritual growth in a really fun and creative way. I’d be honored to help you grow!

“I trust Rebekah as not only a teacher, but a community leader”

Shanna Noel Illustrated Faith Founder

…Beginners and experts alike will be inspired and encouraged by the way Rebekah generously shares her heart for God and her artistic talent!”

Jann Gray Founder of Illuminated Journaling

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