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See what’s inside this popular Bible journaling course, that’ll help you create with confidence, as you grow in God with creativity!

What’s In The Course


Across each module, we’ll look at key topics which help us build strong foundations for keeping relationship with God and growing with Him at the center of your attention when Bible journaling and in everyday life.

You’ll learn how to make God the true focus in the midst of creating in the Word and how to grow closer to Him in the process.

Most students enroll for the creative fun and later say these lessons were an unexpected favorite!

PART 1: Intimacy With God

PART 2: Soil Conditions

PART 3: Perfectionism

PART 4: Being A Doer

PART 5: Thankfulness

PART 6: Wisdom & Understanding

PART 7: Salt & Light


“Page prep” is a technique I invented with 8 months of rigorous testing and development.

I wanted to help Bible journalers create in their Bible without damaging the delicate paper, while simultaniously providing the page extra strength which expands the creative possibilities. The page prep technique allows you to put a clear base onto your Bible paper to achieve this!

Some have taught unauthorized and faulty versions of the page prep technique, which have resulted in harming Bibles and even gluing them shut! You might relate.

I am the expert you can trust. It’s simple once you know how, what and when to page prep or not to… I’ve got you covered! In 4 in-depth yet simple parts, I’ll teach you everything you need to know, to protect and strengthen your Bible pages.

PART 1: Page Prep Fundamentals

We’ll look at Journaling Bible paper, Shadowing and Bleed Through and knowing when to page prep!

PART 2: Page Prep Basics

Learn everything you need to know about tools and products, setting up for page prep and how to page prep the proper way for simple success.

PART 3: Ensuring Page Prep Success

Understand the improper ways to page prep and why to avoid them. Learn about the layers of page prep and watch me give a comparison of every product you might be tempted to use for page prep.

PART 4: Extending Creative Space

Learn how to make the lines invisible in your Journaling Bible margin, everything you need to know about the back side of a Bible page you’re creating on and even how to do a 2-page layout with page prep.


Whether you’re new to creating in your Journaling Bible, or have been doing it for years, you’re going to find this part of the Page Prep course to be a valuable resource to keep coming back to.

There are 15 categories of art supplies that are safe to use in your Journaling Bible. In this portion of the Page Prep course, you’ll learn what’s needed to create safely and easily in the Word, with all the supplies you own or want to try out.

Colored Pencil




Pens & Markers

Acrylic Paint


Stamping & Inks

Ink Blending

Watercolor & Water Media


Liquid Inks & Sprays

Heat Embossing & Foiling

Mixed Media

Paper Crafting & Napkin Collage

Stenciling & Texture Paste


Follow along with everything you’ll be learning in the course, to confidently create 3 Bible art journaling entries right along with me in these 3 devotionals with traceables.

By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll have plenty of ideas for how to create your own Bible art journaling entries too!

#1 Giving Thanks

#2 Journey Of Wisdom

#3 On The Rock

Lesson Samples

There are over 40 in-depth lessons in the Page Prep course. Here are some lesson samples, to give you a taste.

Spiritual Foundations Intro
Shadowing & Bleed Through
Pens & Markers



34 Creative Instruction Lessons


8 Spiritual Growth Lessons


3 Devotionals + Traceables


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Recorded Q&A Sessions


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“Your course is worth every penny I paid for it and if I had known what a difference it would be, I would have paid more.”


“…changed my way of reading and studying the Bible in the most creative and spiritual way.”


“…Beginners and experts alike will be inspired and encouraged…”

Jann Gray, Illuminated Journaling Founder

“I found the Page Prep course well worth the price of admission.”


“…I trust her as not only a teacher but a community leader…”

Shanna Noel, Illustrated Faith Founder

“…invaluable to my personal growth as a spiritual human being.”

Student, Dr. Carol Matthews, DNP

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