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Avoid Bible journaling mistakes with reliable skills and build meaningful connection with God.

Gain Creative Skills
Enjoy proper creative instruction for all 15 art categories safe for Bible art journaling with and without page prep.
Grow In God
Learn the key spiritual foundations and how to approach Bible art journaling to ensure you create and grow with God as your focus.
Create With Confidence
Learn to properly create personalized and life-changing Bible art journaling entries with your favorite supplies.

What’s In The Course


Across each module, we’ll look at key topics which help us build strong foundations for keeping relationship with God and growing with Him at the center of your attention when Bible journaling and in everyday life.

You’ll learn how to make God the true focus in the midst of creating in the Word and how to grow closer to Him in the process.

Most students enroll for the creative fun and later say these lessons were an unexpected favorite!

PART 1: Intimacy With God

PART 2: Soil Conditions

PART 3: Perfectionism

PART 4: Being A Doer

PART 5: Thankfulness

PART 6: Wisdom & Understanding

PART 7: Salt & Light


“Page prep” is a technique I invented with 8 months of rigorous testing and development.

I wanted to help Bible journalers create in their Bible without damaging the delicate paper, while simultaniously providing the page extra strength which expands the creative possibilities. The page prep technique allows you to put a clear base onto your Bible paper to achieve this!

Some have taught unauthorized and faulty versions of the page prep technique, which have resulted in harming Bibles and even gluing them shut! You might relate.

I am the expert you can trust. It’s simple once you know how, what and when to page prep or not to… I’ve got you covered! In 4 in-depth yet simple parts, I’ll teach you everything you need to know, to protect and strengthen your Bible pages.

PART 1: Page Prep Fundamentals

We’ll look at Journaling Bible paper, Shadowing and Bleed Through and knowing when to page prep!

PART 2: Page Prep Basics

Learn everything you need to know about tools and products, setting up for page prep and how to page prep the proper way for simple success.

PART 3: Ensuring Page Prep Success

Understand the improper ways to page prep and why to avoid them. Learn about the layers of page prep and watch me give a comparison of every product you might be tempted to use for page prep.

PART 4: Extending Creative Space

Learn how to make the lines invisible in your Journaling Bible margin, everything you need to know about the back side of a Bible page you’re creating on and even how to do a 2-page layout with page prep.


Whether you’re new to creating in your Journaling Bible, or have been doing it for years, you’re going to find this part of the Page Prep course to be a valuable resource to keep coming back to.

There are 15 categories of art supplies that are safe to use in your Journaling Bible. In this portion of the Page Prep course, you’ll learn what’s needed to create safely and easily in the Word, with all the supplies you own or want to try out.

Colored Pencil




Pens & Markers

Acrylic Paint


Stamping & Inks

Ink Blending

Watercolor & Water Media


Liquid Inks & Sprays

Heat Embossing & Foiling

Mixed Media

Paper Crafting & Napkin Collage

Stenciling & Texture Paste


Follow along with everything you’ll be learning in the course, to confidently create 3 Bible art journaling entries right along with me in these 3 devotionals with traceables.

By the time you’re done with the course, you’ll have plenty of ideas for how to create your own Bible art journaling entries too!

#1 Giving Thanks

#2 Journey Of Wisdom

#3 On The Rock


When you enroll in the Page Prep course, you get immediate, lifetime access to everything!

I’ve organized the course to help you get the most of it. You don’t need to keep up with me, or any other students. You don’t even have to complete the lessons in order if you prefer to live on the wild side! With lifetime access, you can choose your own pace and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Lesson Samples

There are over 40 in-depth lessons in the Page Prep course. Here are some lesson samples, to give you a taste.

Spiritual Foundations Intro
Shadowing & Bleed Through
Pens & Markers


It’s natural to have questions. That’s why I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure this course can support you, every step of the way. 

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Immediate Access


17+ Hrs Video Lessons


Facebook Group


Lifetime Support & Updates


Spiritual Growth


Creative Skill & Confidence

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Rebekah, you can have all my info, you can email me, call me, text me or send out smoke signals! Thank you for your ministry!”

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Answers To Common Questions

As a student of Page Prep, you’ll gain lifetime access. Joining is risk free with the refund policy.


Refund Policy & Money Back Guarantee

I want this to be a risk free, easy choice for you to enroll. I’m convinced you’ll love the Page Prep course. Get logged in, have a look around and get started. If you don’t love it, send me an email within 2 days and I’ll issue you a full refund. 

Individual License Terms

Course enrollment is for an individual license, meaning anything received or given access to, is for paying customers only. (You may share with your own young children still living at home with you.)

I do not offer group licensing. If you wish to enjoy the course with your friends, each of you may join individually and then you may share the experience together with those who are also paying students.

This course is the product of 20+ years of curriculum and teaching experience. Nothing in the course may be reviewed, consumed or altered with the intent of teaching others with what is learned or observed. Everything in this program is for the sole purpose of pouring into and supporting the spiritual and creative growth of individual students.

Sharing login details, watching lessons with others and/or copying or adjusting any material for others, is not allowed, against copyright law and a breach of student terms.

Anyone found to breach this would sadly have their account revoked without refund.

Your honesty and value for the hard work to create and support all that goes into this course and art ministry by not sharing inappropriately, is appreciated and expected. It also is a sign of respect to fellow students who have each paid to be part of this course.

Who Can Become A Student

Anyone who is legally of age (18+), is welcome to become a Page Prep student. Anyone 13-17 years old may enroll only with the full permission and support of your parent(s), or legal guardian.

You may join from any country around the world, as the course is online. The entire program is in the English language.

Ensure you’ll have access to the internet and are able to watch videos sucessfully on it. You will also likely wish to have access to a printer, for traceables, etc.

While this ministry is not a tech support center, I do have great help documentation. It is advised that you gauge your technical proficiency with logging into websites and consuming content, to understand if this course is something you will be able to engage with online.

Videos have Closed Caption.

You must be able to pay using one of the many payment methods accepted.

Please review the Individual License Terms to understand your agreements in becoming a student.

Please note there are specific supplies needed for the page prep technique, which are available for shipment worldwide and a specific heat tool needed for best results, which is only available with a US, UK, or Europe plug. If you are outside these areas, you are welcome to take the course and seek out your own local solutions. I will not be able to support you in that effort, but the course will have a wealth of information to inform your searches and students to collaborate with.

How The Payment Plan Works

The Payment Plan is perfect for spreading the cost of the course over 4 months. After paying your 1st of 4 payments (on the date of enrollment), you’ll have 3 additional payments which will be automatically taken monthly, (from the date of enrollment). That makes a total of 3 payments.

If any of your payments fail (due to card expiry or lack of funds, for example), further automatic attempts will be made to take the payment (over a few days) and you will be sent a series of emails to help resolve things. Moving forward, payments would continue on the usual schedule until your 4th and final payment is made. If attempts to recover a payment were not successful, course access would sadly be revoked. Because of how technology works, I would be unable to reinstate this billing for you in the future and a new enrollment at full price would be necessary to regain access when enrollment opened at a later date.

Once you have paid in full (all 4 payments), you will not be billed again and retain lifetime access plus free updates to the course!  

Because this option is a risk to myself and requires more administration work, there is a small increase in overall charge, over simply paying in full. However, you gain the advantage of spreading the cost over a few months. Please only select this payment option if you are able to afford the payments. If you cannot afford it at this time, start saving for when I re-open enrollment!

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Payments are securely processed by Stripe while ThriveCart host your order information such as name, email, product, amount, etc..

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payment methods

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If you prefer to not use a credit card, look to use your visa debit card issued by your bank. 

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I do not offer the ability to pay via PayPal. We’ve learned the hard way that PayPal doesn’t provide an acceptable system for our team to properly support you. I want to ensure we can always support you properly and safely which we can do through our multiple other payment options above. I’m sorry for any felt inconvenience this causes. This really is in your best interest.


How Long Students Keep Access

This course will be available immediately, for the lifetime of my offering the course. I have no plans to shut down such a fun thing!

When & How To Access Course Content

Directly after enrolling in the course, you will be able to log into your account and get started! You’ll be walked through each step and have access to everything right away!

(If you have purchased a course from me before, be sure to join with your account email to group your purchases within the same account.)

To access your account, you will need any up-to-date desktop, or mobile device to login online and an internet connection suitable for watching video. You’ll simply show up, login and enjoy! I’ve worked hard to make this course user-friendly and I know you’ll love it!

The lessons are provided in HD video format with some downloads and will be accessible in your student account, for easy login. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group to connect with other students and members!

You’ll continue to have lifetime access to everything, including free updates!


How Much Time Students Need To Set Aside

Most video lessons are 5-25 minutes in length, so you can drop in for a quick lesson as and when you have time. There are 40+ lessons (17+ hrs!) which will be immediately available as a lasting archive to you in an organized login area to help you grow at your own pace.

What Spiritual Beliefs Are Taught

I welcome anyone who is hungry to grow in God and open to learn from me. We have students from a variety of spiritual backgrounds. To understand if you feel learning from me would be a good fit for you, here is some practical clarity…

I profess Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – who are One. My doctrinal and theological background is rooted in fairly Charismatic Christian roots with much emphasis on the Word but for simplicity… I believe the WHOLE Bible, (you could say that includes the maps and concordance!). I believe nothing should be added to the Word of God and that we must allow the Spirit of God to guide us and lead us into all truth. That means we must press into friendship with God, if we are to live right before Him. The Word AND His Spirit are both needed to guide us into all truth.

I’m blessed to be the 5th generation in ministry on one side of my family and 4th generation in ministry on the other side of my family. My great-grandpa was a key leader in the Healing Revival which swept across America and beyond in the 1950’s-60’s. I grew up literally surrounded by the evidence of God’s goodness and His miraculous power to change our lives when we come hungry to receive from Him. I believe my rich heritage has allowed me to stand on their shoulders. I’d be honored to pour into you and help you take your relationship with God to where you dream of.

Your background is not important to me. It is important to me for your own sake and that of our student family, that those who enroll are willing to receive from me. I would ask that you assess if you feel open and willing to learn from me and show up to be a receiver. If your answer is “yes”, then you are very welcome! If not, I don’t believe this course is a good fit for you and that is totally okay. It’s your choice and I’m here to support you and love on you if you’d like.

Supplies Students Need

If you’ve started Bible art journaling, you may already have some of the creative supplies you need! If you end up needing supplies for the page prep technique, you’re likely to get it all for $50 (USD) or less. The supplies will last for months and years to come. A great investment in your time in the Word! I’ll provide a supply list, inside the course.

Skills & Experience Students Need

Whether you’ve just started Bible art journaling, or feel like you’ve got things figured out, I’ll take you step-by-step through everything you need to know and even what you probably forgot to ask about. Nothing left out. All easy to grasp quickly.


I love Rebekah and her heart! She creates beautiful art, share’s deep truths of God’s Word, and is a real teacher… I can’t thank you enough for your creative wisdom.”

Elizabeth Herring Chu Texas, USA

I find it hard to put what has affected my heart and soul so deeply into words. But with each lesson, Rebekah lets her knowledge and sincerity as a beautiful human being shine through…

– Student, Dr. Carol Matthews, DNP

“You’re the first one I started watching and really helped me grow in my bible journaling!”

– YouTube Subscriber

Hey, I’m Rebekah R Jones!

I’ve helped tens of thousands of Christian women grow their personal relationship with Jesus using Bible journaling as a spiritual tool. My work has been published in books and online in courses, blogs, YouTube and more.

I’m obsessed with art supplies, color, photographing doors, eating dill pickles, watercoloring at the beach and most of all, encountering Jesus. My mom taught crafts and my grandma was a professional artist… I grew up creating all kinds of arts and crafts. I went to Bible college, leadership school and ministry school. I’ve been teaching publicly for over 25 years.

I was born into a wonderful Christian family and I am passionate about helping you grow in God with Bible journaling. Jesus has always been my best friend and I am the 5th generation in ministry in my family.

I want to help you get reliable creative skills and grow meaningful relationship with Jesus. I’d love to see you inside the Page Prep course!

“I trust Rebekah as not only a teacher, but a community leader”

Shanna Noel Illustrated Faith Founder

…Beginners and experts alike will be inspired and encouraged by the way Rebekah generously shares her heart for God and her artistic talent!”

Jann Gray Founder of Illuminated Journaling

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